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Reasons to invest

  • Addressing areas of high unmet medical need:
    • Immuno-OncologyPrimary focus on advanced gastrointestinal tumors without surgical option
    • Vaccination: For protection against newly emerging or re-emerging infectious diseases
  • Unique safety profile based on measles vaccine backbone that is in use for vaccination against measles
  • Highly targeted approach offers patient-specific treatment options based on platform technology
  • Unlimited versatility of platform allows targeting of different indications across markets
  • Attractive exit opportunities with high return on investment in reasonable time


Targeting largest drug market segments
Immuno-Oncology market drivers
  • Cancer remains a global burden with increasing number of cancer-related deaths
  • Focus on innovative treatments that reduce reappearance of cancer
  • Clinical success of immunotherapeutics induced paradigm shift in cancer therapy
Vaccine market drivers
  • Increasing global supply causes escalating demand for vaccines
  • Start of governmental vaccination programs to eradicate endemic diseases
  • Launch of novel and innovative vaccine technologies
Global Immuno-Oncology market expectation
Global Vaccine market expectation
bn USD by 2026
0 %
bn USD by 2026
0 %

Favourable Risk Profile

  • Cutting-edge technology with induction of potent multifunctional immunological signatures
  • Unique and scalable production capabilities by proprietary manufacturing procedure that allows commercialization
  • Extensive technology experience acquired in 15 years of research & development of measles-vectored therapeutics
  • Diversified portfolio increases probability of success
  • High-class network established for swift clinical translation
  • Significantly mitigated risk of failure by opportunities across different markets


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