Gamil de Chadarevian

Senior Strategy Advisor

Gamil de Chadarevian is an active entrepreneur and investor with passion and experience in science and finance and a focus on wellbeing and biotechnology. He received a degree in economics from the University in Zuerich. He has worked in Switzerland and the Middle East ( Credit Suisse ),throughout Asia, in Italy ( GEA ), in the UK ( Boehringer Mannheim, Corange, Method Investments ), in the US ( Alza, Ivax ).

Gamil is the Founder of GIST Initiatives Ltd. and GIST Holdings Ltd. ( GIST ), an innovative brand; a unique expert and aggregator enabling transformative, sustainable and effective social impact and philanthropy. GIST provides holistic, essential and effective strategy advice to trusted Partners as well as Advisory Clients and co-invests its capital in selected social impact pilots and opportunities, primarily in health and agribusiness.

GIST, in partnership with Campden Wealth and Barclays, publishes “Investing for Global Impact – A Power for Good”, a leading annual report, focusing on individuals, families, family offices and foundations with novel research and analysis to identify trends and broaden awareness of sustainable, resilient social impact and smart philanthropy .